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We’re excited to introduce a new dedicated tool for DMS training exercises. One of the major challenges in measuring the success of a disaster response operation is the ability to gather live, usable data. It is important to be able to analyze a situation in real time to help guide the response, as well as afterwards to identify any gaps or areas for improvement. Capturing data during disasters and field exercises can be difficult due to the lack of easily deployable software and systems that can help emergency personnel. How does it work? DMS Stats is a remote application that can be easily accessed through any device or operating system – e.g. Smart Phone, laptop, etc. It allows the user to capture all aspects of USAR operations by setting parameters through an easy to use form. The stored data can be exported to any reporting tool during the operation or for after action reporting. At a recent MOBEX, we successfully used DMS Stats to gather crucial data. This data allowed us to better analyze and assess the training exercise. For example, DMS controllers were able to provide data from the US&R medical teams to show the amount of patients encountered, triaged, treated, level of care and disposition. This analytical tool allowed for granular performance evaluation of the teams readiness.


May 8, 2016

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