Taking Good Medicine to Bad Places
 US&R Medical Specialist September 24 – 27, 2019

FEMA’s National Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Response System Medical Team Specialist(MTS) Course is being presented by Disaster Medical Solutions (DMS) at Florida State Fire College Training Center in Ocala. This course while not presented by the FEMA Office has been granted equivalency and is strictly structured under FEMA standards and curriculum, designed to fulfill the initial training requirements for Urban Search and Rescue Task Force Medical Specialist and Medical Team Managers. This course meets all of the requirements for US&R Medical Team Training. Team deployments, medical operations, health/safety, confined space medical and rescue techniques are addressed. FEMA US&R Course 9P3131

Course Hosted at: Florida State Fire College Training Center. An advanced world-class one of a kind premier disaster training facility with realistic, scalable, and integrated capabilities to ensure mission success for medical and rescue team members. State of the art complex located in Ocala, Florida creatively designed to host training for first responders, emergency management, and military. On-site housing and meals are available.

Course delivery by: Disaster Medical Solutions; (DMS) advances inter-agency response to incidents affecting public safety through specialized training and education, consultation, and exercise support.

Course Fee: $2,250 includes, course materials, certificates, and AMA CME’s.

The purpose of the Disaster Medical Specialist course is to provide Emergency Responders with the same training received by federal US&R Medical Specialists and Medical Team Managers (Physicians). The course cadre includes credentialed federal instructors (medics, physician medical director, and veterinarian) providing a 4:1 student/instructor ratio.

This course is designed to meet the initial training requirements for Urban Search and Rescue Team Medical Specialist and Medical Team Managers. The Disaster Medical Specialist course was designed to provide classroom and practical field exercises for EMT-Paramedics, Registered Nurses, or Doctors that will deploy and respond with a structural collapse team to natural disasters or terrorist incidents. The Disaster Medical Specialist (DMS-5) course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and abilities to confidently perform medical assessment and care at a structural collapse disaster scene due to natural disasters or terrorist incidents. This course exposes the student to the injuries consistent with structural collapses. A heavy focus is placed on providing medical care in a confined space collapsed austere environment.

This course meets and/or exceeds all recommendations made by NFPA 1670 Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents (2004), and NFPA 1006 Individuals Standards for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications (2009) concerning medical issues.


Medical responders completing this course will be prepared to work as a part of a team to respond to rescue situations involving structural collapses. This course is 40 percent classroom and 60 percent field-based exercises. This course also provides a half day on search canine veterinary care. Medical Specialists normally would be the first to treat injured search canines on the scene.

The DMS course was originally developed for responders associated with the twenty-eight National Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Teams. We at Disaster Medical Solutions have modified the 50 hour US&R Medical Specialist course to contain the same curriculum with additional hands-on skills and scenario training exercises. We make every effort to ensure consistent terminology and training within the discipline of urban search and rescue, this course mirrors and exceeds the current US&R curriculum.


Course Topics:

      • Public Health and Environmental Issues
      • Injuries Specific to Entrapments and Structural Collapse Environments
      • Crush Syndrome, Confined Space Medicine, Field Amputations and Controversial Interventions
      • Confined Space Maneuvers, Immobilization, and Extrication Techniques
      • Patient Triage, Evaluation, and Treatment of Partially Accessible Patient
      • Patient Care, Monitoring, and Packaging Applications
      • Improvised Explosive Device and Blast Injuries
      • Practical Advanced Medical Skill Field Exercises in a “Real Rubble” Collapse Environment
      • CBRNE/WMD Medications
      • Search Canine Veterinary Care

*Curriculum guidelines; FEMA US&R Medical Team Training Program, PHTLS 8th Edition, OEMS, and TCCC Manuals.


Course Delivery:

Florida State Fire College Training Center

Course Fee: $2,500 includes, course materials, certificates, and AMA CME’s.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Licensed Medical Physician
  • Physician Assistant (PA)
  • State or National Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) at the Paramedic level
  • Registered Nurse
  • Military Medical MOS (68W, IDC, 18D, PJ’s)

**All Students will be required to complete the 13 hour on-line CBT course through the NERRTC website and provide the CBT course completion certificate prior to attending the ILT portion of the course.
The NERRTC 13-hour course is offered at no additional cost to emergency responders. Information on how to access the CBT will be sent once accepted into the class.**

Audience: All emergency responders from Local, State, Regional, or Federal Governments, Industrial Agencies and Military tasked with performing medical duties at a natural disaster, industrial accident, act of terrorism or other US&R incident are encouraged to attend.

  • Fire Service
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • National Guard Civilian Support Teams (CST)
  • Incident Response Teams (IRT/IRF)
  • Packages (CERFP) Teams
  • Homeland Response Forces (HRF)
  • Army and Air National Guard
  • State Guard Forces
  • Industrial Industry


This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

COURSE LENGTH: The US&R Medical Team Specialist (MTS) program is a blended learning course of 59 hours in length; 13.0 hours of Computer-Based Training (CBT) completed on-line at the NERRTC LMS (must present certificate of completion prior to first day of class).  Students Must first register with DMS to access the CBT. 46.0 hours (4 days) of Instructor Led Training (ILT) delivered at Florida State Fire College.  ILT is 10+ hours of instruction daily, including one late night exercise on the last day.

PARTICIPANTS: 30 Student maximum


Disaster Medical Solutions expert staff are both experienced rescuers and educators with distinguished careers in emergency specialized services. These instructors have been providing Disaster Medical Specialist training to State and Federal Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces, including physicians, nurses, medics, EMT’s, and other medical staff for over 2 decades and have responded and recovered victims at some of the largest disasters on record, including the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing in Oklahoma City, Marmara Turkey Earthquake, The World Trade Center-Pentagon Attacks, Hurricane Katrina, The recent Haiti Earthquake, as well as other recent USAR events.

  • Agencies and/or individuals are responsible for all travel, lodging, and associated cost.

    Students are asked to travel on Sunday, August 26th in order to arrive to class on time Monday morning. Class ends on Thursday at 2200 hours.  There is NO make-up time availablity. Attendance is manditory for course completion.

    Participants need to make their own travel, lodging, breakfast, and dinner accomodations.
    All participants must comply with Florida State Fire College Training Center rules and policies, or they may be discharged from the facility and forfeit their registration!.

    *Registration payment or signed PO is required for securing a seat in the class.

  • All Classroom, Skill, Scenario, and Full-Field Exercise sessions will be conducted at the Florida State College Training Center.  Your Task Force or Agency may be responsible for your reimbursement, which includes some meals, air transportation, parking, rental car, and so forth. Please confirm with your agency those specifics before departing for this course.The course contains multiple exercises applying all the knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence gained during the week’s instruction.  DMS incorporates the use of High Fidelity Manikin Simulation during these skills and exercise.

* Participants are exposed to and training is conducted within a “real” austere rubble pile; simulating a collapsed urban concrete multi-story building (i.e. Government or OCONUS Embassy) due to natural or terrorist event.

Required Equipment: The course requires that course participants arrive with specific equipment on hand:

The course requires that participants arrive with specific equipment on hand: (There will be no time to acquire these items once class begins)

    • Hydration System, Sun Screen, and Bug Repellent
    • Helmet (must be ANSI rated Z89.1-type 1) US&R type
    • Safety Toe Boots (must be ANSI rated)
    • Eye Protection (must be ANSI rated) and Ear Plugs
    • Work Gloves and Exam Gloves (10 sets)
    • Knee Pads (Elbow Pads are optional)
    • N-95 Dust Mask (6)
    • Standard Work Duty Clothing (including long sleeve shirts and BDU top or similar)
    • *Level “C” PPE (1) (Tyvek or similar coveralls and full face respirator with cartridges

please ensure you have properly tested to wear this respiratory protection)
*Coveralls should be the same as those worn during on-duty training/response in contaminated environments when protection is required. In addition to bringing (1) suite, please bring your personal respirator mask (full face).

It will be a good time to check out the PPE provided by your agency.

  • Rain Gear suitable for US&R operations is optional (class is conducted rain or shine)

Disaster Medical Solutions reserves the right to cancel any scheduled courses in the event that minimum enrollment is not met. If a course is cancelled, registered students will be notified, and will receive a full refund. DMS assumes no liability for expenses incurred by the registrant and/or agency up to the time of the course. Registered students must cancel their registration no later than 10 calendar days prior to the scheduled course start date in order to receive a full refund. Registrations cancelled after the 10-day deadline will be assessed a $150 cancellation fee. There is no refund for no-shows.  Courses will not be canceled due to weather. Participants should be ready for any and all field conditions and are responsible for their own protection from weather or thermal-related insult or injury.

Please note: Disaster Medical Solutions cannot make individual exceptions to its cancellation or refund policies.

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