Disaster Medical Solutions, LLC was launched in response to ongoing requests by emergency response agencies and students to provide a broader spectrum of Disaster Medical Training Programs to state, municipal, and industrial Emergency Response Teams, including Regional and SUSAR Task Forces.

Our expert personnel are both experienced rescuers and educators with distinguished careers in emergency specialized services. These instructors have responded and recovered victims to some of the largest disasters on record, including the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing in Oklahoma City, Marmara Turkey Earthquake, The World Trade Center-Pentagon Attacks, Hurricane Katrina, The recent Haiti Earthquake, as well as other USAR events.

The instructor cadre has been providing Disaster Medical Specialist training to State and Federal FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces, including physicians, nurses, medics, EMT’s, and other medical staff for over 18 years. This experience has allowed us to lead the charge to build a reputation for outstanding medical education and training in the response and management of a disaster or act of terrorism. You get the same instructors used by our competitors at less cost and our comprehensive Medical Equipment Cache which rivals all our competition!

We have FEMA EMI trained Master Exercise Practitioners on staff with experience designing, controlling, and evaluating all-hazards exercises (acts of terrorism and natural disasters) for your ESF#8 Public Health and Medical Services  and #9 Search and Rescue elements.

Everything we do is directed toward saving lives in an austere environment.  Taking Good Medicine to Bad Places ™  

Our instructor cadre, training programs, technical services and boldness to be unique are the cornerstones of our foundation “dedicated to the victims”.

In Memoriam


SGT. Jonathan James Hernandez
United States Army
7222 Medical Unit
“God, Family, Country”
6/18/1987 – 6/11/2010
Your life, spirit, and courage will be etched in 
our memory and sealed in 
our hearts forever
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