Training to understand and practice the roles and functions of a deployed medical component within a task force during a disaster response. This courses provide medical personnel from a DMAT, SMAT, EMAC, US&R TF or other Medical Team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed before, during, and after a deployment. Medical team members learn about the unique challenges involving a natural incident, act of terrorism or man made disaster. It is a must for any deploying medical group.
These courses meet and/or exceeds all recommendations made by NFPA 1670 Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents (2004), and NFPA 1006 Individuals Standards for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications (2009) concerning medical issues.


We have FEMA EMI trained Master Exercise Practitioners on staff with experience designing, controlling, and evaluating all-hazards exercises (man-made and natural disasters) for your ESF#8 Public Health and Medical Services and #9 Search and Rescue elements. In addition to our training curriculum we offer Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation compliant educational seminars, low stress table top exercises to functional command post and full-scale team exercises. Let us design exercises that incorporate other ESF #8 & #9 – Public Health and Medical Services elements like State Medical Assistance Teams (SMAT), Mass Fatality Operational Teams, Veterinary Response Teams, and Law Enforcement toward enhancing both the continuum of care and an effective response.


The Disaster Response Presentation program is a “Lessons Learned” vignettes of major disasters showcasing planning, operational, technical and logistical strategies implemented in previous operations. Our expert staff is available for lectures and technical assistance on previous major disasters they have responded to including the Haiti Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and the World Trade Center / Pentagon Attack. Public Health and Medical issues are addressed from a Response Task Force perspective. Symposium, conference, private venue and other events.


Disaster Medical Solutions will help your organization ensure optimal readiness by providing technical assistance and evaluation to improve operational success.


Services provided include:

  • Medical equipment cache set-up assistance Site evaluations
  • Medical team planning (pre-post deployments)
  • Product research, development, and field testing
  • Information technology (IT) systems development and data management

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