Guardian Centers


Disaster Medical Solutions has partnered with Guardian Centers to offer unmatched realistic training. Guardian Centers is America’s premier 830 acre disaster preparedness and tactical training validation center. Our modern cityscape enables realistic, large scale disaster response exercises and kinetic military operations training. We put everything in one place, creating a single site to test plans, people, and equipment; eliminating the need for multiple drills and multiple sites. Together we offer a real life feel and experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Collapsed City Blocks

The main attractions to the technical rescue component of Guardian Centers are two city blocks of dynamic collapsed structures. Each of these city blocks houses a realistic multi-story collapsed structure with dynamic flooring systems which can be lowered, raised, or flattened to represent different stages of collapse. While one structure is primarily concrete collapse, the other is primarily steel collapse, each of which can house tons of rubble and debris to create a true “live pile.”

Search & Rescue – Armored Tunnel Systems

Within each collapsed structure breaching and breaking can be conducted on any rubble; however sacrifice panels have been strategically placed throughout the city block sized buildings to be breached creating pathways and access points to trapped victims and void spaces. In addition to this are armored tunnel systems that run under the rubble and spread out across each city block of collapse. While Guardian Centers has a multitude of rescue mannequins to be placed in and around rubble, the armored tunnels are specifically designed to host live role players acting as trapped victims. Spread throughout the tunnel systems are rescue pods capped with concrete sacrifice panels which can be breached and entered to pull live victims out of the collapsed structure. This trapped role player system creates a significant tool for training responders in the fact that they can truly test their equipment and assets such as listening devices, canine, or on-scene medical treatment.

Controllable and Scalable


These structures can be configured to represent both man-made and natural disasters, such as an earthquake or explosion. Each collapsed structure contains built in controllable and scalable special effects to include smoke, fire, sparks, and water to create not only immersion for exercise participants, but training tools as well. With the addition of real world debris such as rebar, industrial building components, furniture and vehicles the realism of structural collapse exercises at Guardian Centers is unmatched.”

The Most Realistic Training Environments In Existence.


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