DMS has access to training facilities throughout the U.S. and internationally.  The certified Urban Search and Rescue training facilities include locations in Florida, Kansas, and Wisconsin. These Fire-Rescue-Technical US&R facilities are purposely built for training and testing with realistic, scalable, and integrated capabilities to help ensure success. 

All of these facilities offer very reasonable on-site lodging and meal plans for a deployment style learning environment.

We have the ability to plan, execute, and, support response exercises with multiple disciplines of any scale in a premier training and exercise location for emergency and disaster response.


If you wish to host your own program, DMS can provide Mobile Training Teams (MTT) in support of your organization. The DMS equipment cache exceeds the federal FEMA US&R requirements for course delivery. Our staff consists of active and retired Firefighters, Paramedics, Hazardous Materials Medical Technicians, Technical Search Specialist, National Fire Academy/Emergency Management Institute Instructors, Command Staff, Law Enforcement, Military Officers and Specialist, Security Directors, U.S. Presidential and Dignitary Protection Team, Veterinarians, and Physicians. Their knowledge is founded on extensive experience in both civilian and government Disaster Management and Response Operations.


The technical rescue component on real rubble, steel and debris to create a true “live pile.” Housing a realistic multi-story collapsed structures representing different stages of destruction. While one structure is primarily a concrete collapse, the others are primarily steel collapses, each of which can be altered to simulate various scenarios. The addition of a crashed helicopter and vehicles allows for various dynamic simulations involving disasters and tactical training for civilians and military.


Within the collapsed structure breaching and breaking can be conducted in the rubble; breached panels have been strategically placed throughout the buildings creating pathways and access points to trapped victims and void spaces. In addition is a separate confined space tunnel system that allows responders to familiarize themselves with the requirements and life-saving skills of being in a confined space. The tunnel system can be configured in various complex configurations and allow responders to simulate confined space rescues. While rescue mannequins can be placed in and around rubble, the facilities are capable to host live role players acting as trapped victims. DMS adds high fidelity manikin simulation to enhance learner outcome. The trapped role player system creates a significant tool for training responders in the area of truly testing their skills, abilities, confidence and on-scene medical treatment.


These structures can be configured to represent both man-made and natural disasters, such as an earthquake or explosion. With the addition of real-world debris such as rebar, industrial building components, furniture, vehicles and the addition of smoke the realism of structural collapse exercises is unmatched.” Realistic Training Environments and Programs

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